HIT UPDESH : the book of razor management is being published in Gujarati by Rannade prakashan Ahmedabad. Only few copies are available in Hindi and English.

7 May

the first book of razor management for employees

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 HIT UPDESH:The First book of Razor Management for employees



In the times of Recession, this book is for those who did read the centuries-old Panchtantra by the Indian Scholar Vishnu Sharma and Hitopdesh by Shri Narayan Pandit in the form of comics, but are desperately wandering in search of a torch in the corporate jungle, as if without it there will be no DAWN…..


Remember, the DAWN belongs to the SUN, not to the torch made by their companies.





by Yashwant Vyas


to the

You can change. You can be ready for a change. You can be as stable as you wanted to be but the vagaries of life kept on pulling you down.You had a dream. You wanted to cherish it. But you ended up fulfilling other’s dreams.
You had resolutions but they didn’t work. You are the boss but you don’t feel like looking for man Fridays. You have realized the hard way that it was not that easy.
You have learnt to be happy but you are not happy at all.
You feel yourself master of all without a single follower.

 This book will tell you that you were right when you thought being rich is not so comforting. They are sad, scared of destiny, surrounded by superstitions, looking for talismans, spending a fortune on astrologers. They are very much in love with self-management or reverse-management but afraid of RAZOR management.
Drop of dew shines .Flame of candle shines.
A Star in eye shines.Razor’s edge shines.
Only your inner razor can understand the meaning of all these lines.I will give you the identity of razor, advice to hit it but draw your own conclusion.
Take the risk to struggle in corporate jungle.You may not boil seawater with burning straws but prove that the phrase of saving a drawning person with the help of straws is still valid.Wait is first step for something to happen.
Order THIS Revolutionary BOOK and get 6 free RAZOR POSTCARDS

The book

This unique book offering tools for coping with the demands and stresses imposed by the corporate jungle has been penned by well-known writer and editor, YASHWANT VYAS. He has written the book of razor management on corporate jungle, HIT UPDESH which is rare mix of satire and contemporary management practices from the views of employees.  

Having gleaned HIT UPDESH from the celebrated Sanskrit Classic HITOPDESH he is here with a new concept of Razor Management, written in an eminently inimitable style.

 Learn How not to be Hunted in Corporate Jungle with him.

Don’t forget that the jackals in the companies sometimes earn so much goodwill that their collective ‘Hua-Hua’ becomes a national anthem. Razor management teaches you to trim down useless emotions and provide the antidotes.

Just go through the Razor management postcards provided with the book and see the stars shining. Ancient Asian Mythology starts working for you…the employee!

HIT UPDESH is a cordial invitation to partake of an eye-opening, heart-touching experience that makes you capable of turning the EDGE of the RAZOR to your ADVANTAGE.

The Author

 YASHWANT VYAS (1964 born) is a well known author, journalist, media critic and columnist having twenty five years experience in print and related media. He has been associated with prestigious news groups. Besides regular columns in print Yashwant vyas has published several books, written scripts, translated and edited works. He has the honour of being a recipient of prestigious awards for his writings. He is the founder editor of the first off-beat positive life magazine Aha!Zindagi published by the largest media group BHASKAR.

…And he is a restless soul, has an intuition with strange new ideas, seems impractical, makes feel uncomfortable & wants to change the status quo.

 You may contact him at me@yashwantvyas.com       

 ..and more 

How not to be Hunted in Corporate Jungle:The Book of Razor Management & Hit Updesh

ISBN: 978-81-903713-1-5

Rs.350/-(English Edition) Rs.295/-(Hindi Edition)

(Including free 6 razor management postcards inside)

 Published by ANTARA in India.

ANTARA is an approach to form an informal group of “like-minded souls” working together. An amalgamation of eminent personalities coming from different walks of life putting their body, mind & soul together to create the best that is possible, be it on paper, web, light or sound.

It is for life & faith, faith in life!

The Book of  Razor Management : Hit Updesh by Yashwant Vyas is available in English, Hindi & Gujarati at special discounts for bulk purchases for sales promotions or premiums. Special editions including personalized Covers can be created in large quantities for special needs.


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